Headshot Porfolios

Your visual CV

A heashot portfolio a must for actors, models, singers and dancers and professional business people.

Professional headshots are one of the most important investments for models, singers, actors, performers and business people. A good head shot is crucial to get you through the first stage of an interview,  audition, casting or interview process. Your headshot is your visual CV  and to is vital to make that great first impression.


Headshots should be renewed every couple of years of whenever there is a significant change to your image such as a new hairstyle. 

Your portfolio is a collection of professional images and your portfolio must say something about you, agencies sometimes want to see something a bit different and don’t always want to see "pretty" images, they may want to see attitude, personality and ultimately how versatile you can be.

I am able to provide a mix of headshot photographs plus half and full-length portraits to show you off to your best!

I have a small studio close to Gloucester Quays  which Is also close to Gloucester Docks,  which both provide a magnificent backdrop for location shots.